Protectors of God’s Gifts

The Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic lay organization in the world. Membership is open to any practicing Catholic male over 18 years of age who is in full communion with the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Because of this the Knights of Columbus is often referred to as “the strong right arm of the Church.

Joining the Knights of Columbus is about much more than simply attaining the benefits of their award-winning life insurance program. Becoming a Knight is about furthering your own spiritual growth through service. In turn individual Knights members receive untold personal reward through their own acts of faith, charity, and service to others.

What do Knights do for their community?

Knights members are a network of strong Catholic men who seek to serve their Parish communities. Knights volunteer their time and services to the church, its members, and all those who might be in need throughout their communities. Knights also operate fundraising events in order to provide financial assistance to parish members, Catholic organizations, the parish church, or other needy causes in their communities. These activities throughout individual councils add up to over $1.4 Billion in charitable giving and more than 664 million hours of volunteer service over the past decade. In fact, Knights donated over $167 million and provided over 70 million hours of service in 2012 alone!

As “the strong right arm of the Church” the Knights of Columbus stands in defense of Church teaching, tradition, and morality. For example, the Knights of Columbus have been recognized as defending religious freedom by providing legal defenses against same sex marriage statutes, resisted the removal of “one nation under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, and provided defense for the statue of Jesus on Big Mountain Ski Resort in Montana when atheists sued the US Forest Service requesting its removal. The Knights of Columbus also devote themselves to the defense of life — from conception to natural death.

“Your principles of charity, unityfraternity and patriotism are vital for the Church and vital for our country and nations throughout the world.”  – Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller

Are you called to become a Knight?

This is just a brief sampling of what it truly is to be a member. Each of us as Catholic Christians is called to service by Jesus Christ. We Knights believe this calling is even more imperative for Catholic men in today’s culture. Are you ready to step up and heed Christ’s call to service within your community?